The GUADEC 2017 core days take place from Friday 28th July to Sunday 30th. This is when talks, keynotes and the main social events take place. The GUADEC unconference will take place after the core days, between Monday 31st July and Wednesday 2nd August.

The schedule is available in the Giggity Schedule Viewer app on Android devices. Other apps may be able to import it in Pentabarf XML format.

Signup for the Open Talk #1 and #2 slots will open at 11.00 on Friday. Signups for the Open Talk #3 and #4 slots and the Lightning Talk slots will open at 11.00 on Sunday. Signup sheets will be at the info desk.

Core Days Schedule

Friday 28. July 2017

Turing – G29 Hopper – G44
09:30 Registration
10:00 Conference opening
10:30 Please Use GNOME Web
Michael Catanzaro
Allan Day
11:00 Break
11:30 Flatpak status update and future plans
Alexander Larsson
Limited connectivity, Endless apps!
Joaquim Rocha
12:15 State of the Builder
Christian Hergert
Newcomer Genesis Evolution
Carlos Soriano, Bastian Ilsø
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Keynote: The Battle Over Our Technology
Karen Sandler
14:45 Seamless integration to hack desktop applications
Simon Schampijer
Dreaming of a better home media experience
Arun Raghavan
15:30 Break
16:00 Rolling Releases – The One True Way
Richard Brown
Building a Flatpak based app store
Jorge Garcia
16:20 Progressive web apps: an opportunity for GNOME
Stephen Pearce
Payments and donations in GNOME Software
Richard Hughes
16:45 Atomic Workstation
Kalev Lember
Different ways of outreaching newcomers
Julita Inca
17:15 Interns lightning talks
GSoC and Outreachy Interns
18:15 Venue closes

Saturday 29. July 2017

Turing – G29 Hopper – G44
09:30 Venue opens
10:00 Building your GNOME app anywhere with Meson
Nirbheek Chauhan
Fantastic Layouts And Where To Find Them
Martin Abente Lahaye
10:30 Mutter/gnome-shell state of the union
Carlos Garnacho, Florian Müllner
LibreOffice and GNOME
Michael Meeks
11:00 Break
11:30 Replacing C library code with Rust: what I learned
Federico Mena Quintero
Decentralised open communication with
Matthew Hodgson
12:15 Continuous: Past, Present, and Future
Emmanuele Bassi
Tracker – present and future
Carlos Garnacho
13:00 Lunch
14:00 The History of GNOME
Jonathan Blandford
15:00 GNOME to 2020 and beyond
Neil McGovern
15:30 Break
16:00 GNOME Foundation AGM (part 1)
17:00 Group photo
17:15 GNOME Foundation AGM (part 2)
18:15 Venue closes

Sunday 30. July 2017

Turing – G29 Hopper – G44
09:30 Venue opens
10:00 Modern Javascript in GNOME
Philip Chimento
The Inbetweens — why transitions matter.
Jakub Steiner
10:30 What’s Coverity static analysis ever done for us?
Philip Withnall
Building interfaces from the future
Tobias Bernard
11:00 Break
11:30 Recipes – Lessons learned from creating a new app
Matthias Clasen, Emel Elvin Yildiz
Building a secure desktop with GNOME technologies
Matthew Garrett
12:15 GNOME Build Strategies and BuildStream
Tristan Van Berkom
Robustness of GNOME
Jonathan Kang, Chingkai Chu
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Bringing GNOME home to Ubuntu
Tim Lunn
Flatpak and KDE, and the state of Qt integration in GNOME
Jan Grulich, Martin Bříza
14:45 On mice, touchpads and other rodents
Peter Hutterer
Resurrecting dinosaurs, what can possibly go wrong
Richard Brown
15:30 Break
16:00 GitLab
Carlos Soriano
systemd in GNOME user sessions
Ian Lane
16:20 Microsoft <3 Linux
Julian Atanasoae
Wim Taymans
16:45 How to get better mileage out of Glade
Juan Pablo Ugarte
Ding dong, GdkWindow is dead
Carlos Garnacho
17:15 Lightning talks
18:00 Conference closing
18:15 Venue closes