GUADEC brings together Free Software Enthusiasts and professionals from all over the world. Join us for six days of talks, demos, discussion, parties, games and more.



Join us to find out about the latest technical developments, learn new skills and tools, attend talks by leading experts, and participate in workshops and discussions. You will also get the opportunity to participate in the GNOME project, meet community members, as well as connect with local groups and organisations.


Days 1-3 are talks, days 4-6 are workshops and training


See the talks schedule here

Keynote speaker: Karen Sandler

We are happy to announce that our keynote speaker on Friday 28th July will be Karen Sandler, giving a new… Read More

Social dinners on Sunday

The GUADEC social events schedule is coming together nicely. We'll have a preregistration event on Thursday 27th July at Kro… Read More

Trip to the Peak District National Park

Fence with a view by Simon Harrod (CC-BY-2.0) Manchester, home to GUADEC 2017, is located close to areas of outstanding… Read More